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Terrence Light Feather

Started with Cory Summer 2023

Damian Huston

I have known Cory for more than 20 years, and he is truly gifted as a transformational coach and healer.

He has the unique ability to bring out in the best in his clients, while helping them go to their next level of success.

Cory has a heart of gold, and a deep passion for making a positive difference in the lives of everyone he comes into contact with.

He is truly a master at helping his clients identify and change the unconscious barriers that keep them from being their best self and living their best life.

Cory is a warm sensitive soul that understands the ache in your heart. He has lived hurt. He has had a long personal journey of self growth and discovery.

He has surrounded himself and learned from many other wonderful souls. He has guided many towards peace in their lives and isn’t that what we all want?

To be loved and accepted no matter what our lives are presented with.

In Cory’s group you will find that.

Cory is a good facilitator, he listens, he understands. He allows space to be heard. What he has written in his invitation to join him is true, every word…. We need to acknowledge the need to be ourselves and find peace.

Cory is my friend and I have known him a long time. I am not part of the LGBT community but what he presents crosses all labels.

We all want and need love and acceptance and friendship and this is the place to be, with Cory and this group, so please join him and find peace

Cory is a truly exceptional coach whose intelligence and heartfelt approach sets him apart.

Cory possesses a rare blend of sharp intellect and deep emotional intelligence, making him an outstanding guide and mentor.

Cory leads with his heart.

He approaches coaching with genuine empathy and a sincere desire to help others thrive and reach their full potential.

I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking a transformative coaching experience.

Cory is a Life/Spiritual Coach that can help you unpack the dreams of your life while helping you to eliminate the blocks(fear) that, could or is, holding you back from living the life of your wildest dreams.

Cory works his magic by helping you uncover some deep insights and longings that even you do not believe are possible or had forgotten.

Cory's coaching leadership is transformative and transmutational all at once. I highly recommend Cory if you are needing a magical twist to your life journey, you are feeling blocked and not quite sure what is stopping you from becoming the best version of you.

Cory has many years of experience in spiritual coaching and spiritual practices, his teachings will take you on a journey through the necessary steps to get you to the other side of yourself.

He will help you uncover dreams you never believed possible and guide you through the steps necessary to bring them to fruition.

I have been with Cory for two and a half years in coaching and tribe and I consider him a friend, mentor, coach, believer, but particularly a spiritual guru and leader.

Cory has a magical way to help you find the alchemy and pathway home to your true essence.

I am delighted to recommend Cory. As a fellow coach, I have had the privilege of witnessing Cory's profound impact on the lives of those he works with.

Cory's dedication to his clients' growth and well-being is truly admirable. His unique blend of wisdom, intuition, and empathy allows him to connect deeply with individuals and guide them towards their highest potential. I have seen firsthand how Corey's coaching has helped clients break through limiting beliefs, overcome challenges, and create meaningful, fulfilling lives.

What sets Cory apart is his genuine authenticity and commitment to walking the path alongside his clients. He doesn't just offer clarity, he serves as a trusted ally and confidant, supporting his clients every step of the way. Corey's passion for personal development and spirituality shines through in his work, inspiring those around him to embrace their own journey of self-discovery and transformation.

If you are searching for a coach who will empower you to unlock your inner wisdom, navigate life's challenges with grace, and cultivate a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment, I wholeheartedly endorse Cory.

Working with him is an investment in your growth and well-being that will undoubtedly yield invaluable returns.

Cory was part of my cohort when we were part of the Life Coaching Certification with Mindvalley-Evercoach, back in 2022.

After that, he became my friend, my mentor, my hero, my business partner and my daily inspiration.

I learn every single day from him,

with him,

thanks to him...

It is a pleasure to be co-creating together, Cory

Cory has such a unique gift and set of offerings. He effuses life. In word. In gesture. In perspective. Being in Cory’s company and care is utterly life-giving and life-aligning.

Cory leads with heart, passion, insight, wisdom, kindness. When you work with Cory (and friend with Cory) you get exquisitely held space and intention that guides both in the simple and well beyond the regular definitions. Much needed for me. Much needed for many of us.

Cory Thorell has changed my life and helped me rid years of shame that years of personal therapy did not provide. I have been reading books, attending workshops, personal therapy for years, etc. for over 50 years. I experienced this cosmic shift in the first week of our sessions,

Cory, has my full attention today.

Cory is a breath of fresh air. A genuine, a giving soul here to help the world heal one person at a time.

The world is in need of Cory’s special gifts and talents!!

Trudy Lieb

I want to share with you…. I just had the most powerful coaching session I ever had with Cory as my Coach!

I came with a feeling of fear… and he taught me about FEAR as a False Evidence Appearing Real. It is just inside our minds! I now came out of our session feeling completely relieved of that feeling... replacing it with openness and joy and feeling protected and filled with love… eager to look deeper into what I need to know.

I know have an anchor of lightness and of joy to which I can access though a shortcut whenever I need it.

I leave this session with a thankful heart, thankful to life! For putting such a wonderful, wise, resourceful, intuitive, loving person in my learning path.

If you are reading this, then you have found an extraordinary teacher, partner, coach and friend. Cory combines his unique wisdom and deep compassion with a sound methodology for growth, healing and authentic wholeness of this program. Cory is grounded, solid, reliable, playfull, light, loving and fun. Cory will help you with the guidance, tools and support you need to realize your dreams and live your authentic life. Cory's wisdom is hard earned as is the humble compassion he brings to his work and which makes working with him so comfortable and confidence inspiring. You'll be inspired, you'll be challenged, you'll be led and given the opportunity to lead. This is the work we get to do, the work of our lifetime. It is a joy to do this work with Cory. There is no doubt that this is what Cory was born to do. If you are reading this, then, as Cory would say, Welcome Home my friend!

Cory is a warm, kind, and compassionate leader.

As a coach, he asks powerful questions that allow the client to provoke possibilities previously unseen.

As a mentor, Cory delivers invaluable tools and programs, allowing his clients to upgrade their skills, lives, and the lives of those around them.

As a 1 on 1 Life Coach, Cory can take you on a journey, past, present and future, to provide clear answers through insight, intuition, and awareness.

Whether it’s a rapid recode from the magnetic mind or the 6 phase meditation from MindValley, Cory has been certified in both.

Cory radiates so much love, compassion and kindness. I feel I can trust him, as a friend, as a coach, as a mentor. He makes people feel safe and good about themselves. He accepts people exactly as who they are. And his skills as a coach help you do that too. The vivid visualization technique Cory does, the healing of energy, the dive into power of the mind and consciousness, its something very helpful and relatable.

In group coaching too, the way Cory shares his wisdom and shines his light, the way he allows, gives space and respect to everyone's thoughts and opinions individually, still connecting everyone and taking them together on this journey is so inspiring. Cory's unique skills would be his soothing voice, calm demeanor and ever smiling face. Also, his technique of creative visualization and "anchoring" is very unique.

I've known Cory for over three decades.

His love for people and commitment to their healing motivates every aspect of his life.

I enthusiastically recommend him!

There’s nothing more important than dreaming about your future!

Cory showed me how to live in my dreams. He has guided me to dream gigantically.

He has the tools that I needed to learn how to live in some of my dreams.

if you’re interested, chat with

You never know if your dreams may become your reality.

Some of mine have!

Donna Corsaro



Cory3wing THorell

Hello, I'm Cory3wing Thorell, a seasoned Transformational Healer and Personal Coach with decades of experience on the shamanic path. My approach integrates ancient wisdom, intentional integration work, and the power of community to guide you on a journey of personal transformation. Let's explore holistic well-being and unlock your true potential together.

If you are new to me, let's jump on a free call to get to know one another, check-in, and "discover" what we can do together.

Alchemist, Transformational Healer, Teacher, Speaker and Personal Coach

Cory3wing Thorell

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